Pricing & Services

  • Minimum charge: $50
  • Base price (generally free-motion all-over design): $3.00/sq. ft.
  • Creative detail (use of templates, marking, thread changes): $3.50/sq. ft.
  • Custom (stitch-in-the-ditch, cross-hatching, multiple starts and stops): starting at $4.00/sq. ft.
  • Basting for hand quilting: $1.50/sq.ft.
  • Binding (attaching prepared binding):
    by machine: $2.25/linear ft.
    by hand: $3.00/linear ft.
  • Turning quilt for borders: $15
  • Batting: availability and prices upon request
  • Shipping: $15

To determine how many square feet your quilt is, measure the length and width in inches. Then multiply length × width and then divide by 144.

Preparing Your Quilt and Backing

  • Quilt tops should be pressed and trimmed of all loose threads
  • All seams that extend to edge of quilt top should be stitch 1/8 inch in from edge
  • Backing should be 6 inches longer (total) and 4 inches wider (total) than top
  • If pieced, selvage should be removed beforehand—please use 1/2 inch seam
  • And most importantly--please make sure that your backing is squared. A charge of $20 will be added to square up backing
Last updated 5.31.2016